BEDROCK SANDALS / BEDROCK SANDALS was founded in 2011 by two people with a vision to create the best sandals for various outdoor fields and a dream to walk and know every place on earth wearing them.

The sandals they make are very simple, based on sandals made with leather straps and soles traditionally used by hill tribes, substituting nylon straps and plastic buckles for these materials.


Feet and sandals as one

The Y-shaped strap at the instep and the heel strap can be adjusted for exact footing.
You will feel a sense of oneness between your foot and the sandal that you have never felt with sandals before.

Three types of footbeds providing comfort

The three-dimensional 3D footbed provides increased cushioning and improved support by three-dimensionaling the arch of the foot and the base of the toes.
The flat shaped Granite Grip is a lightweight footbed that provides a more barefoot-like feel.
Evo C has a cushioned midsole for a barefoot but gentle feel.

Durable and grippy outsole

Starting with the 2024 model year, the EVO Series features the Vibram® XS Trek EVO compound, which provides better grip in a variety of terrain and conditions while maintaining superior durability.
The EVO Pro Series features the Vibram® Megagrip sole for even more grip, providing maximum performance even in slippery conditions.

All-round sandals for any purpose

They are highly compatible with a variety of outdoor activities and can be worn in the mountains, rivers, camping, running, and hiking.
There are two main types: sandal type and clog type, and you can choose the thickness and grip of the sole depending on how you prefer to wear them.



サイズ  全長(cm) 全幅(cm) サイズプリントはこちら
Men's 5 / Women's 6 24 9.5 プリント Evo 5/6
Men's 6 / Women's 7 24.9 9.8 プリント Evo 6/7
Men's 7 / Women's 8 25.7 10 プリント Evo 7/8
Men's 8 / Women's 9 26.6 10.3 プリント Evo 8/9
Men's 9 / Women's 10 27.4 10.6 プリント Evo 9/10
Men's 10 / Women's 11 28.3 10.9 プリント Evo 10/11
Men's 11 / Women's 12 29.2 11.3 プリント Evo 11/12
Men's 12 / Women's 13 30.2 11.6 プリント Evo 12/13
Men's 13 / Women's 14 31.2 11.8 プリント Evo 13/14
Men's 14 / Women's 15 32.2 12.1 プリント Evo 14/15