BEDROCK Cairn Geo 3D Sandals


Color: Bristlecone Brown
Size Size: 6/7
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Sustainable sandals designed with the earth's environment and comfort in mind

Bedrock was founded in 2011 by two people with a vision to create the best sandals for various outdoor fields and a dream to walk and know every place on earth wearing them. The sandals they make are very simple, based on sandals made with leather straps and soles traditionally used by hill tribes, substituting nylon straps and plastic buckles for these materials.

The Cairn Geo has specifications that make it ideal for everyday use.

The Cairn Geo3 D is the new eco-groovy flagship sandal built with the same strap design as the Cairn series, which has won the hearts of many playful people, but with a thicker, three-dimensionalfootbed for even greater comfort ( The Cairn Geo sandal features a thicker, three-dimensional footbed (midsole) for even greater comfort.

Eco-friendly design for comfortable use.

The distinctive feature is its eye-catching brown sole, made of Vibram® EcoStep compound ( 30% recycled) and featuring a unique brown Vibram® outsole (4.5 mm) designed with large, less aggressive lugs.

The straps used are soft and also durable, they are made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. The patent-pending design also features premium webbing, three adjustment zones, and treatment at the edge of the sole for better foot fit when worn.

The Cologne Geo is assembled from a collection of what we call the best materials from all over the world, with the most trusted components handpicked from the finest sources.

BEDROCK SANDALS is proud to be a "1% for the Planet" company, donating 1% of the proceeds from every purchase to environmental non-profit organizations.

  • The geo-patterned footbed features grooved, three-way traction that provides incredible grip in both dry and wet conditions, while keeping feet comfortable at all times.
  • It features an 8mm thick Gopher midsole that is more durable than EVA, yet lighter and more resilient.
  • The Granite Grip footbed keeps feet comfortable at all times while also featuring grooved, three-way traction that provides incredible grip in both dry and wet conditions.
  • The 16mm stack-height sole is of moderate thickness to protect the foot in a variety of feels and hold down excellent durability.

■Introduction article

BEDROCK SANDALS】 2020 model has arrived


SIZE】】 (Men 4 / Women 5) Length 22cm
(Men 4 / Women 5) Length 22cm / Width 8.3cm
(Men 5 / Women 6) Length 23cm | Width 8.7cm
(Men 6 / Women 7) Length 24cm | Width 9.2cm
(Men 7 / Women 8) Length 25cm / 5.7" Width 9.5cm
(Men 8 / Women 9) Length 26cm | Width 9.8cm
(Men 9 / Women 10) Length 27cm | Width 10.3cm
(Men 10 / Women 11) Length 28cm | Width 10.6cm
(Men 11 / Women 12) Length 29cm | Width 11.1cm

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