BEDROCK Cairn Geo Sandals


Color: Bristlecone Brown
Size: 7/8
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Sandals made of environmentally friendly materials

Bedrock has a vision to make the best sandals that can be used in a variety of outdoor fields, and in 2011, two people with the dream of wearing those sandals to walk everywhere on earth and know everything Was established. Their sandals are based on sandals made of leather straps and soles traditionally used by hill tribes, and are very simple with nylon straps and plastic buckles substituted for that material.

Cologne Geo with the best specifications for everyday use

Cairn GeoCaptivate many playmatesNew built with the same strap design as the Cologne seriesEco-groovy flagship sandals make it more casual and easy to use in everyday situations.

Its feature is in the sole that brown is eye-catching.Vibram® ecostep compoundMade from (30% recycled), it features a unique Brown Vibram® outsole (4.5mm) designed with a large, less aggressive lug. It's great for gripping in dry conditions, so if you're looking for performance on wet roads and hard terrain, the Cairn Adventure Pro sandals are a good choice. 

Eco-friendly specifications for comfortable use

The straps used are soft and durable and they are made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. The patent-pending design also features premium webbing, three adjustment zones, and the treatment of the edges of the sole for a better fit when worn.

This Cologneo is made up of the best materials in the world, and is assembled with highly reliable parts carefully selected from them.

And BEDROCK SANDALS carries out "1% for the Planet", and when a product is purchased, 1% of the sales is donated to an environmental non-profit organization.

Other features

  • Equipped with a 8mm thick Gopher midsole that is more durable, lighter and more elastic than EVA.
  • The Granite Grip Footbed features grooved three-way traction that provides incredible grip in both dry and wet conditions while at the same time keeping your feet comfortable.
  • With a stack height of 14mm, the Cairn Vibram® sole is not too thin, with extra rock protection and increased durability, not too thick, maximizing flexibility and weight/space.


■Introduction article

[BEDROCK SANDALS] 2020 model has arrived



(Men 4 / Women 5) Length 22cm | Width 8.3cm
(Men 5 / Women 6) Length 23cm | Width 8.7cm
(Men 6 / Women 7) Length 24cm | Width 9.2cm
(Men 7 / Women 8) Length 25cm | Width 9.5cm
(Men 8 / Women 9) Length 26cm | Width 9.8cm
(Men 9 / Women 10) Length 27cm | Width 10.3cm
(Men 10 / Women 11) Length 28cm | Width 10.6cm
(Men 11 / Women 12) Length 29cm | Width 11.1cm

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