BEDROCK Cairn Adventure Sandals


COLOR: Copper
SIZE: 6/7
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All standard adventure sandals

Bedrock sandals from Richmond, California with a minimalist design and high performance. From everyday life to running and trekking, and as a companion for camping touring, these sandals definitely fit our lifestyle.

Bedrock has a vision to make the best sandals that can be used in a variety of outdoor fields, and in 2011, two people with the dream of wearing those sandals to walk everywhere on earth and know everything Was established. Their sandals are based on sandals made of leather straps and soles traditionally used by hill tribes, and are very simple with nylon straps and plastic buckles substituted for that material.

Strap system that fits everyone

Cologne adventure sandalsIs a new style sandal created by Bedrock. What should be noted is the strap structure that has never existed before. It is composed of three strap systems. In addition, the heel strap has a mechanism that can be adjusted with Velcro, which enables perfect fitting according to the various shapes of the wearer's foot.

Uses vibram sole for high grip

And that outsole is also a noteworthy point. The custom-made Vibram outsole Regolith has deep grooves with a unique pattern for high grip and unobtrusive flexibility.

The secret of comfort lies in the parts that come into contact with the feet

In addition, the surface of the midsole uses a diamond pattern called GraniteGrip to create an escape area for sweat, water, etc., and to keep the area in contact with the skin constantly and keep it clean. By using this type of sole, you can ensure reliable cushioning and stability, and make it more comfortable to wear for a long time.

Various functions

  • Equipped with a light and elastic gopher midsole that has better durability than EVA.
  • The Granite Grip Footbed provides excellent grip in both dry and wet conditions, with three-way traction while keeping your feet comfortable all the time.
  • With a 14mm stack height, the sole has the durability and flexibility to experience its superior performance in various fields.

■Introduction article

[BEDROCK SANDALS] 2020 model has arrived



(Men 4 / Women 5) Length 22cm | Width 8.3cm
(Men 5 / Women 6) Length 23cm | Width 8.7cm
(Men 6 / Women 7) Length 24cm | Width 9.2cm
(Men 7 / Women 8) Length 25cm | Width 9.5cm
(Men 8 / Women 9) Length 26cm | Width 9.8cm
(Men 9 / Women 10) Length 27cm | Width 10.3cm
(Men 10 / Women 11) Length 28cm | Width 10.6cm
(Men 11 / Women 12) Length 29cm | Width 11.1cm

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