What is Circles Point?

Regardless of whether you are shopping at a Circles store or online shop,1 point per 300 yenwill be presented.

By accumulating the points,discount coupons and special itemscan be exchanged for
(*Please note that the expiration date of the coupon you exchanged is 1 year.)

[Circles point benefits example]
  • 10 points → 100 yen OFF coupon
  • 500 points → 5,000 yen OFF coupon
  • 1,000 points → 10,000 yen OFF coupon
  • 3,000 points → 30,000 yen OFF coupon

For details, please open the Circles Point tab at the bottom right of the WEB SHOP.

How do I earn Circles Points?

To earn Circles Points, firstIt is necessary to create an account at the WEB SHOP

If you have an email address, you can also register an account at the store.

If you have already created an account, you will automatically accumulate points when you log in with your account and shop. Please let us know your email address or registration name at the time of the accounting in the store.

You can also earn points for birthdays and friend referrals. Please check "How to earn points" from the tab on the bottom right of the WEB SHOP.

How to use points

  • Earn points and redeem them for rewards
  • A coupon code will be issued when you press the redeem button.
  • Enter the coupon code on the checkout page at the time of purchase
  • For item rewardsFrom hereSelect the desired product, add it to the cart, and then enter the reward coupon code.
  • Check the coupon code discount and complete the purchase

Details with pictureshere (For overseas costumer please click here)

Circles Point Terms of Use

Expiration date of points

There is no expiration date for using points, but the expiration date for coupons when redeemed for rewards is 1 year.

Cannot be combined with other discounts or redeemed for cash

Cannot be used in conjunction with other Circles discounts or earn or redeem points on selected sale items. Also, even if the discount amount of the coupon is greater than the product price, the difference cannot be exchanged for cash.

What to do if an order is canceled

In the event of a full refund, all points earned for the order will also be cancelled.

Precautions when ordering with discount coupons

Please note that the discount coupon will not be returned if the customer cancels the product purchased using the discount coupon.

Notes on item rewards

Item rewards are subject to change without notice. Also, please note that cancellations cannot be made for personal reasons. If you wish to change the size or color of the item, we will only accept the shipping fee if the item is in stock.

Change or Suspension of Point Operation Rules

Circles determines the rules for using points, and may change the return rate, content of rewards, abolishment of the point system, etc. Please note that we cannot accept complaints in that case.

Disclaimer for other system malfunctions

Circles points system uses the system of Marsello. Please note that Circles cannot guarantee any loss due to system or other malfunctions.

If you have any questions about Circles Points, please contact Circles.