For over 30 years, Chris King Precision Components has been at the forefront of manufacturing the highest quality bicycle components in the world. It is a rare company that is always willing to create, not only in the performance of its components, but also in all areas of collaboration to build the bicycle community and environmental stewardship for society and its employees. From bearings to hubs, bottom brackets, and headsets, Chris King's products are made in the USA using domestically sourced components that can be verified to be produced under strict green production rules.


Chris King is absolutely independent and never allows its will to be swayed by the numerous fashions and trends. We are always thinking and reflecting on what we are doing, and this feeds our next move. It takes a lot of patience to create new products and processes. We recognize that it is our unrelenting effort that is necessary.


Chris King is championed by quality craftsmanship and choice of premium materials. Our uncompromising standards of fit and finish certainly support the enduring strength of the Chris King brand. And we are grateful to be able to offer you creative and sophisticated solutions encapsulated in beauty.


Chris King practices true goodwill. And we want to be generous in society. It begins with our employees and extends to our commitment to local, regional, and national rights. Chris King is well aware of its responsibility to the local and international community. We also believe that we have a duty to share our knowledge, perspectives, and philosophies with you in a very honest way.

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Assembling an original wheelset using Chris King hubs

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