VELOCITY Velotape Tubeless Kit


SIZE: 21mm
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The high-quality rims with various variations have become a function for cyclists in their own right, and have enriched the world. Sturdy, easy to handle and colorful. Velocity's philosophy, which began in 1998 with a simple bottle cage, continues to be maintained and supported by people.

From the many lineups offered by Velocity, you will surely find a high-performance rim that best fits your bike.

A kit for reliably upgrading tubeless compatible rims manufactured by VELOCITY to tubeless specifications.

The effect is immeasurable.


Getting Nerdy --Velocity Velotape Installation from Velocity USA




Feature: Feature: ・ Total length about 10m (29 "2 pieces)
・ Removable valve core
21mm / A23, A23 OC, Quill
24mm / Aileron, Blunt SS, Blunt 35, Cliffhanger, Dually
* When applying a high pressure of 45 psi or more, double-wind.
* When using for Aileron rims, use stainless steel washers, and for other rims, use nylon washers.
Price: Price: ¥3,000
Handling: Japanese manual (PDF)
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