VELOCITY Veloplugs


SIZE: 72 pieces

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More choices for more people.

The high-quality rims with various variations have become a function for cyclists in their own right, and have enriched the world.
Sturdy, easy to handle and colorful.
Velocity's philosophy, which began in 1998 with a simple bottle cage, continues to be maintained and supported by people.
From these, you will surely find a high-performance rim that best fits your bike.

With this "VELO PLUGS", you can reduce the outer weight of the wheel by about half the weight of wrapping the rim tape around.
Easy to install and remove, can be used repeatedly.
It also makes it easier to fit the tires.

[RED] For VELOCITY rims without eyelets (A23, A23OC do not support VELOPLUGS)
[YELLOW] For VELOCITY rims with eyelets

-It is lighter than wrapping a cloth tape of 15g or more.
・ Maximum air pressure 400psi
・ 72 pieces

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