STEVE POTTS BICYCLES Titanium Siskiyou Bars

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STEVE POTTS is one of the founders of WTB, who has been making frames since the 1980s, which is said to be the beginning of mountain biking, and is said to be a legend among American frame builders.

Living with his family in the small town of Etna, California, he works on framebuilding and is good at making simple, functional, Do It All versatile bikes.

Titanium Siskiyou Bars, which bears the name of the Siskiyou group in Etna where Steve lives, is a handle that embodies Steve's idea of Do It All. A handlebar that can be used for a wide range of purposes, from trail riding to gravel and dirt touring. Of course, by using titanium, it has the strength of peace of mind while suppressing the weight, and also has moderate vibration absorption that allows you to ride comfortably even on rough roads.


Material: 3-2.5 Titanium
Handle width: 760mm
Back sweep: 30 °
Bar clamp diameter: 22.2mm (31.8mm shim included)
Bar diameter: 22.2mm

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