SIMWORKS Smog Cutter Bar / GSC Limited

Color: Stealth Gray
Size Size: 480mm

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Hey! Let's make a handle together! Wynot!

I'm not saying that I made it only by exchanging a few words, but this smog is a super limited edition drop bar created by mutual respect who believes in his sense and believes in our sense. -Cutter bar.

Kyle Kelly, the president of Golden Saddle Cyclocross, was thinking, "The more comfortable track bikes I've ever ridden, yes, the gear ratios that kids on the street will ridicule. Simworkers, who firmly grasped the desire to roll a truck bike with a drop bar wider than that of cyclocross bikes on Silver Lake, kept their turn to sleep, contacted Nitto, and made his request anyway. Was accurately shaped.

The cockpit is compact, widest and has a short end. Furthermore, we have given a special design only for this handle, and we are proud to recommend it as the best multi-use drop bar that can be used not only for track bikes but also for CX and loose long rides.

Made in JapanPlease install with high reliability and comfortable handling with Kyle's will.



Material: Material: Heat Treated Aluminum
Width: 480mm (center --center at ends)
Center diam .: 31.8mm
Bar diam .: 23.8mm
Reach: 78mm
Drop: Drop: 128mm
Weight:  366g
Color: Color: Stealth Gray Anodized

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