SIMWORKS Nekome Reflector


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It is an indispensable reflector for operating a bicycle, but it is a small but very important item that uses the light emitted by the other party (automobile, etc.) to firmly inform you of your existence.

Thanks to you, SimWorks by HONJO's full fender is gaining popularity all over the world, but I've always felt that something was missing from the beginning.

It was a reflector, what to hide. Shall we raise the mold and make it? Would you like to carve it out? I was worried, but the best way was to consult with the world's best reflector company, and the answer came out immediately.

The reflector for mudguards, which reflects strongly at a wide angle, is made by domestic cateye. It's reasonably priced and once you attach it to your favorite full fender, you'll be amazed at how much your bike's level and foil will go up. 

Above all, it is safe and secure at night and even on rainy days!

* Since it is necessary to make a hole in the fender at the correct position to install this reflector, it is best to ask a specialist shop or mechanic who has skill and knowledge.



JIS standard compliant reflector
Color: plated body, black body
Size: W & H / 46mm D / 32.8mm
Recommended compatible angle: Approximately 35 °

A wide-angle reflector made for mudguards.

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