SIMWORKS Mowmow CrMo Bar


SIZE: 700mm
COLOR: Dullbright

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What is required?

Take a quick look around the world. It must be getting better day by day, but sometimes I suddenly feel that I'm glad I did this. The new handle making that started with such an intro is perfect, but I imagined a riser bar that is as light and chic as possible. It's not a bad idea to make the most of its looks if you can make it slender, so that the giants won't be afraid to put on their weight. And I thought it would be acceptable to any category of bike, on or off.

The Mowmow bar was created by transforming that pure feeling into a form. Of course made by Nitto. That's why I wanted to redefine the standard riser bar.


Material: CrMo Steel
Width: 700mm
Center diam .: 25.4mm
Bar diam .: 22.2mm
Rise: 38mm
Back sweep: 9 °
Up sweep: 5 °

* Custom decal kit is included. Please arrange as you like

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