SIMWORKS Gettin'Hungry Stem Lettuce (Green / 25.4mm / 90 °)


COLOR: Black
SIZE: 110

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There is no doubt that there was something to say, "I need a chromoly quill stem." It may be called inspiration, but it may be rare for people to enthusiastically create these things these days. In that case, we want to make it into a shape with our own hands. No, I rushed to Nitto when I had to do it. Play around, laugh, and if you notice it, be hungry and enjoy Getin Hungry, who will decorate your favorite bike, old or new.


Gettin'Hungry Stem-Lettuce (SW27 / Green Cap)

Material: CrMo Steel
Extension: 80 ~ 120mm
Bar Clamp: φ 25.4mm
Post Diam .: φ 22.2mm
Angle: 90 °
Color: Silver, Black

* Stickers are included. Please use it as you like.

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