SIMWORKS Getaround Bar

SIZE: 700mm
COLOR: Silver

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The word exquisite may be a perfect fit for this getaround.

While sticking to the handle width, vent, and rise, I tried to make it with a SimWorks consciousness against the trends of the times. Why don't you have one of the best shapes that can be used on or off for your car?

It is a very honor student gem that anyone can take pride in when it is used up.


Material: Material: CrMo Steel
Width: 700mm
Rise: 10mm
Sweep: 20deg.
Center diam .: 25.4mm
Bar diam .: 22.2mm
Color: Color: Silver & Black

Note: This product has a non-slip and clear coating as the final treatment, and the actual size is slightly thicker than the diameter shown in each part. Be especially careful when installing products with a strict inner diameter, such as stems, brake levers, and lock-type grips that are not open.

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