SIMWORKS BY NISSEN Stainless Outer Cable for Shift --3m


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The coil wire of the outer cable, which is generally produced of iron, is changed to stainless steel. It is characterized by being resistant to rust.

A polyethylene inner liner is also included, making it easier to pull the shift lever.

The outer diameter is 4 mm for the shift, and 1.2 mm can be used for the inner wire.

In addition, considering the increase in the number of vehicles using disc brakes in recent years, the diversification of cable routing, and the use of full outerwear, we offer a total length of 3m (generally 2m in most cases). Since we do, I think that there will be almost no shortage of length.

Length: 3m
Accessories: Resin outer cap 4pcs.

* This outer cable for shifting has a coil-like structure, unlike the normal connected type (type in which straight wires are lined up vertically). The coil type has an advantage in its suppleness, but the conduit type is structurally superior in terms of low stroke loss. It is not recommended for those who are looking for severe race specs in 10th to 11th speed.

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