SIMWORKS BY NISSEN Brass Outer Cap for Brake


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A brass brake outer cap intended for use with 5mm brake housing, produced by Nissen in Japan.

Generally, most caps are made by casting, but these are manufactured by CNC cutting. The benefit of CNC manufacturing lies in its supreme accuracy. The snug fit of the outer cap improves the feeling of brake operation, and the hole through which the cable passes is also machined for a smooth transition, minimizing resistance to the wire.

With its strength, you don't have to worry about it breaking during use like a resin cap, and you can enjoy the unique look of brass that evolves over time. By using it with various outer cables of SIMWORKS BY NISSEN, you can get the effect not only in appearance but also in outstanding functionality.

Material: Brass (CNC cutting)
Quantity: 10 pieces / 100 pieces

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