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Worn-out clothes, bags that have faded in the sun, sweaters that have holes in them, etc... It is hard to get rid of our favorites even when we don't use them much anymore.

You can spend time and money to fix them up nicely, but one way to enjoy your favorites 120% is to give them a makeover in your own way through self customization or remaking.

Items that will surely help you when you decide to customize or remake [RAL Patches] Go Through A Rough Patch

Available in a choice of 7 different types + a set of 7 pieces for a great price.

The design is just like For The Adventure, and don't forget to check out the familiar Loader Logo and Tabby.

The small size makes them perfect for customizing not only clothing, but also pouches and sacks.
It's hard to stack them like stickers, but it's cute to put several of them densely together.
It's the same size as the RAL LOADERS embroidered logo, so it goes well with it.

Basically, you just need to iron on the adhesive to complete the installation. Or you can prepare a needle and thread and stitch it down by hand.

Please create your own original RAL with this custom patch.


Material: 100% polyester, with iron-on adhesive glue
Size: 18mm x 38mm ~ 40mm Size: 18mm x 38mm ~ 40mm Size: 18mm x 38mm - 40mm
Made in the U.S.A.
When ironing, set the iron at a medium temperature (around 130℃) and apply the iron over a cloth or cookie sheet.
Please check the durability temperature of the fabric to be adhered before attaching.
Be careful not to burn yourself.

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