RAL Kanpai Loader


Color: Forest Green

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 KANPAI LoaderIs a drink holder type loader that can carry various drinks such as cans, bottles, tumblers and water bottles. You can have a drink at hand, so you can easily moisturize your throat by reaching out anytime, anywhere.

The installation method is very easy. First, fix it to the top tube and down tube with a narrow strap with a buckle at the tip. After that, pass the thin strap that fixed the thick strap with the RAL logo from the entire surface of the head tube through the back, put it back, and fix it with Velcro. Fixing is completed only with this.

In addition, the fixed position of the strap with the logo allows you to adjust the circumference, so you can firmly hold large bottles such as NALGEN / 32oz Wide Mouth Bottle.

This item is useful not only for commuting to work, school, and cycling on holidays, but also when you need a lot of drinks such as touring.




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