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RAL CAP" was released last December.

It was so well received that we quickly ran out of stock, so we made a new onE

We have updated it a bit and re-released it!

What has been updated

The 1st lot of the RAL CAP had two side metal pockets for ventilation, for a total of four pockets.

We did this for the convenience of our hat workshop's facilities, but we really did not want to use too much metal because of concerns about skin contact when wearing a helmet, etC

The ventilation on the side was designed to avoid skin contact as much as possible, but we were informed by the workshop that they had invested in equipment! So, we have changed the specification to make chrysanthemum holes with stitches in the renewal from this timE

By opening six holes over the head, we were able to further improve ventilation and make the specifications less stuffy! Also, since it is thread-stitched, there is no longer any discomfort, such as a feeling of being ruffled.

This is a small renewal, but we always want to make it better! We hope you will try our new RAL CAP!

RAL CAP in Local

There are things that are indispensable in our lives.

We have various material desires, but there are also good friends, good music, good food, and riding a bike is all we really need every day. And as long as I can ride my bike, I'm usually happy.

But on days when I want to make the most of my 24 hours and have fun, I want something I can quickly put on when I wake up in the morning and go out in my sleep, without changing my sleeping habits. Don't you want something like that? It would be great if I could wear it when I go camping or hiking overnight without worrying about it.

So, to give shape to this fantasy, we designed the cap from a bicyclist's perspectivE

  • A normal baseball cap style that can be worn every day
  • Comfortable to wear under a helmet without getting in the way
  • Brim can be lifted up in strong winds
  • Drawcord back for easy adjustment
  • Quick-drying fabric for camping and hiking

The RAL CAP is a baseball cap packed full of our desires.

A baseball cap you can wear every day

If you are too stylish, you may feel self-conscious, but with a baseball cap, you can match it with any style without worrying about it. We made an original mold of a regular 6-panel baseball cap.

Comfortable to wear even under a helmet

When you wear a helmet, the thickness of the cap is inevitably a concern. The more perfectly fitted a helmet is, the more likely it is that the hat will rattle or feel a little uncomfortablE Therefore, we eliminated the core of the hat as much as possible and made it light and soft. We have tested it many times, so you should be able to wear it quite comfortably.

Brim can be flipped up

Many people have experienced having their hats suddenly blown off in a gust of wind, haven't they? When riding in strong winds or in the sun, it is better to be able to lift up the brim of the hat like a cycle cap. This is why we designed this cap from a cyclist's point of view.

Easily adjustable drawcord back

The perfect fitting depends on the situation, such as when you want to lift up the brim during a ride or when you want to relax in a café. When you are comfortable wearing a tight fit, when you prefer a looser fit, and even during the course of a day, the tension can change in various ways. We have designed the hat with a drawcord closure so that the fitting can be easily adjusted at such times.

When you pull the hat up, please try it tighter to stabilize the position.

Authentic fabrics for camping and hiking

If you are looking for functionality, there are many better materials out there, but for us, a basic, authentic look with moderate functionality and longevity is just right for our outdoor and urban habitats.

Made in Local...

We want to make what we want, within our visible range, with people we know well, and we plan to manufacture RAL products in the Tokai region, mainly in Aichi and Gifu prefectures, as much as possiblE

For this cap, we asked an embroidery factory in Gifu City, Gifu Prefecture, to embroider and a small hat workshop in Ichinomiya City, Aichi Prefecture, to do the sewing.

The situation of manufacturing sites has changed drastically in the past 30 years, and the number of manufacturing sites in Japan has dramatically decreased. However, there are still garment manufacturing sites within an hour's drive in our area, mainly in Gifu PrefecturE

Bicycles are the best way to get around locally, and I believe that bike stores are very important bases that contribute to the infrastructure of the area and are meant to be local support stores. We have grown up in such a culture, so we would like to continue manufacturing with a local-first mentality.


Material: 60% Cotton, 40% Nylon (60/40 Cloth)
Size: Free
Made in Japan, Aichi, Ichinomiya

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