QUOC Gran Tourer II


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Size: EU38 / UK 4 / US 5 / JP 22.5
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The Gran Tourer in a new look

The Gran Tourer has been on a long run since its release in 2018.
The Gran Tourer has been supported by cyclists for a wide range of uses, from town use to off-road, and has surpassed its position as a gravel shoe because of its comfort.
In 2022, the Gran Tourer will return with a new name, Gran Tourer II.

What has been updated?

There are two points that have been modified: a revised heel cap and a dial closure.

The heel cap has been thickened by incorporating padding in the upper portion.
This thickness improves the fit of the shoe and prevents water from entering.
In addition, the heel itself has been made stiffer, giving the foot a "shoe-hugging" sensation.
When riding with friends in a group, we often end up chasing each other toward the peak.
Even in such a situation, you can pedal without heel movement.

Advantages of dial shoes

The advantages of dial closures include

  • the ability to adjust the hold of the shoe while riding
  • Easy to walk in
  • No unraveling while driving
  • Takes less time to put on and take off

No time consuming to put on and take off.

Another niche benefit is that they have an advantage in wet weather over lacing models.

The moisture-free dials reduce discomfort, and there is no weight gain due to flooding of the laces.

Of course, the lacing model has its own advantages, such as the unparalleled sense of hold it provides, but each has its advantages and disadvantages.

Recommended for cyclists like this

Considering the advantages of dial shoes, we recommend them to the following users

Cyclists who walk a lot
・Cyclists who don't want to spend a lot of time putting on and taking off shoes
・Serious racers and long distance riders

The dial closure will further enhance the comfort and ease of walking, which is one of the strengths of the Grand Tourer.
It can be loosened when pushing up steep slopes to reduce the burden on the anklE
They are also recommended for serious racers who want to quickly adjust the hold during a run.
It is no wonder that most race-spec shoes in recent years have been dial models.

Color variations

The shoes will be available in four colors: Black, Black Gum, Pink, and Sand, which are familiar to Grand Tourers.
QUOC says it will continue to incorporate nature-inspired colors, or earth colors, into its models for 2022 and beyond.

Shoes that are both practical and beautiful.

Quoc Pham, the creator of QUOC, realized that cyclists demanded functional design in the creation of cycling shoes.
Until now, he had been producing shoes with a classic brogue design, but there were many who wanted a model that was "comfortable to ride in.

The Gran Tourer II is also a response to this demand.

They have released a shoe that is both practical and beautiful, while retaining their strengths in the modern gravel cycling scenE
This pair of shoes is the answer to their long history of making leather shoes.


  • Interchangeable adjustable single dial
  • Race-spec nylon composite midsole
  • Vibration-absorbing insole
  • Gravel Gripâ„¢ custom-spec rubber compound outsole
  • Lightweight lining and quick-drying padding
  • One-way air hole for breathability
  • 3Mâ„¢ Reflection logo
  • MTB/SPD cleat compatible


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