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The Night Eyes Gear Tie is made of freely bendable wire and a colorful, durable soft rubber exterior. You can also attach things to your backpack or your luggage to your bicycle carrier.Sometimes as a mobile phone. Convenient goods that can be used for various purposes depending on how you use it.

○ Caution ○
● When bundling cords, do not tighten them more than necessary. The cord may be damaged. Also, do not use it for a cord that is energized.
● If you bend and stretch more than necessary, the inner core wire may break.
● Do not use if the inner core wire is broken or the rubber is torn.
● When using as a hook or hanger, do not use it for valuables or fragile items.
● Strength and load capacity vary depending on how to bend and how to use.
● Although it has a waterproof structure, do not immerse it in water for a long time.

■ 12inch size: Overall length 30.4cm x 0.6cm
■ Material: Rubber material, carbon fiber
■ Country of origin: USA

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