MUCOFF Waterless Wash 750ml


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A dry cleaner that can clean the chain without using water.

An epoch-making waterless dry chain cleaner. Quickly removes oil, grease and dirt on the chain without rinsing with water.
Suitable for all chains and rubber belt drives.

It is also ideal for maintenance of E-BIKE, which has many electro parts that dislike moisture.

STEP-1 Shake the spray bottle well before use.
STEP-2 Spray on the surface of the bike and leave it for a while to allow it to penetrate the dirt.
STEP-3 Wipe gently with a clean, dry cloth

* In both steps 3 and 4, it is effective to use MUC-OFF microfiber cloth.
STEP-4 Prepare a new clean and dry cloth different from the above 3 and polish the surface.

* Do not use for stubborn stains as it may damage the surface.

■ Because it is irritating to the skin and eyes, please wear gloves, goggles or glasses before use.
■ Please keep out of reach of children.
■ Avoid high temperature and humidity, please store in a cool, dark and dry place.

* Unfortunately, we do not ship this product to avoid troubles during transportation.

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