GRANDBOIS Hetre / 650 × 42B

Size Size: 650x42B
Color: Black

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GRAND BOIS's original touring tires from Kyoto, which specializes in landers.

This Hetre / Aetle is a modern revival of the 42B tires that were once used in forest road touring and camping scenes.Achieves a significant weight reduction compared to conventional tires of the same size, weighing 420g. The tire tread emphasizes driving on paved roads and is finished in a simple line aiming for lighter driving.

Manufactured by Panaracer, a tire manufacturer that Japan is proud of. This tire is made in pursuit of a supple ride without using anti-puncture material that impairs driving comfort.

Unlike touring tires that are simply durable, ZSG compound is used to reduce rolling, and the casing is devised to improve grip performance.

It is recommended not only for touring bikes but also for sportif style bikes. You can run on a gravel road with some suppleness.

Weight: Approximately 430g
Diameter / width: 672mm / 40mm
Size: 650 x 42b

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