ASSOS Assosoires GT Ultraz Winter Booties


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Winter booties with Twin Deck structure that can be used even in the midwinter

ASSOSOIRES GT ULTRAZWINTER BOOTIES is a shoe cover designed for the cold winter to protect the rider's feet from the cold wind when riding in the harsh cold.

The Twin Deck structure, which is also used in the company's winter jackets, ensures breathability while preventing cold and wind, and reduces stuffiness and discomfort.
By wearing it in combination with ASSOS ULTRAZ WINTER items, you can protect yourself from the wind and cold at a higher level.

The ankle part is low-cut to prevent the intrusion of wind and rain without creating an extra gap between the ankle and booties. With a zipper, it is easy to put on and take off.



  • The grip of the sole part functions as a non-slip when walking
  • Low-cut processing to prevent the intrusion of wind and rain



Material: Outer 100% polyester / Lining 52% polyester, 34% polyamide, 14% elastane
Size: 1, 2
Color: Black
Shoe type: Compatible with road binding shoes




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