WTB Thick Slick

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SIZE: 26x2.0
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WTB was established in 1982.
At the time, there were only a few manufacturers making MTB parts, but many of the parts with a unique atmosphere are highly durable and easy to use, and are loved by many handmade builders on the West Coast as well as many cyclists in California, where WTB is based.

This is a full slick tire by "Freedom by WTB", a company that releases components for street riding that incorporates all the technology and know-how that WTB has cultivated in the mountains.
The casing is twice as strong as a typical street tire, making it one of the strongest tires for urban use. It is one of the strongest tires for urban use, and it can also demonstrate its strength in hard urban road conditions where there are small pieces of glass that can cause a puncture.
Above all, this full-slick tire looks like the undercarriage of a race car on a circuit, and it looks great on asphalt.


Size : 700 x 25c 700 x 25c / 700 x 28c / 26 x 2.0 29x2.1 / 27.5x1.95
Weight : 445g / 786g / 620g
Level : Sport
Casing : 27 TPI
Bead : Wire

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