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・ The intersection of BIKE and HIKE

・ Opening and closing mechanism inspired by the "party opening" of potato chips

・ 2way structure of roll top

・ Convenient mesh pocket and draw cord

・ Large pocket of shoulder harness


The intersection of BIKE and HIKE

A bag designer in Nagoya who makes his ownWelldoneHowever, the Chips Bag was created based on his own experience of biking and hiking.

Have you ever been stressed by your head or helmet hitting your bag when you're riding a bike while using a hiking backpack (Zack)? 

Also, with a roll-top type bag, do you find it difficult to pick up the luggage in the bottom?

This Chips Bag is unique to Welldone, which solves the problems that occur with hiking backpacks while making prototypes using various backpacks.

Bicycles, hikes, camping, festivals ... It can be used comfortably in various places, and one bag can be used for various activities.

It is a backpack for people who enjoy various ways of playing, putting his many years of "playing" experience into a bag.

Opening and closing mechanism inspired by the "party opening" of potato chips

The basic structure is a "roll top type" backpack that wraps the above fabric around and buckles it to cover it, but the feature of this Chips Bag is that it is arranged vertically on the surface of the bag like a potato chips bag. It is possible to access the inside directly with a waterproof zip.


With this mechanism, you can directly access the luggage inside without opening the roll top, and when used in combination with the roll top, you can see the inside of the back greatly. Even if you throw your luggage into Zubora without organizing it, you will not get lost in the bag.


 Roll top 2way structure

Chips Bag can stop the roll top in two ways.

When hiking in a tent, you can stretch it up, or when you want to ride a bicycle and act lightly, stop it underneath so that it does not interfere with your helmet, and it will be kind to your way of playing.

Convenient mesh pocket and drawcord

If you put a bottle or small items you want to use while you are in the mesh pockets on the side and back, you can take it out quickly and conveniently.

In addition, the drawcord on the side panel can be used to keep both hands free by inserting a stock or umbrella, or by sandwiching the jacket that you took off.

Large pocket on shoulder harness

The front shoulder harness has large pockets on both sides. It is a detail unique to Welldone that also makes messenger bags, but you can actually put a smartphone, action food and accessories.


Size: 25cm x 58cm x 14cm
Capacity: 30L (excluding pockets)
Weight: about 650g
Color: Red, Black, Olive Drab, Coyote

Made in Japan

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