Size: 27.5 x 1.75"
Color: Peanuts Butter Sidewall
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The SimWorks by Panaracer Volummy Tire series is back with an update.

In this update, the basic structure of the casing has been changed from the gum wall to the open side while keeping the original SimWorks Peanut Butter color.

The "lightness" obtained by removing the thick rubber has a positive effect on the rider's feeling of handling as well as the dynamic effect of weight reduction, such as acceleration and braking performance.

But SimWorks and its peers still rely on tough tires. Therefore, while the case has an open structure, the topping rubber is set as thick as possible, and a puncture-resistant layer is added to achieve the necessary and sufficient durability. It's a strange phrase, but don't worry, it's not a light tire.


size weight bead
27.5 x 1.9" 545g Folding

Tubeless compatible

* Regarding compatibility with the rimSize compatibility tablePlease be sure to use a rim whose size is within the applicable range.

* Particular attention should be paid to tubeless use. It may not be used for low sidewall models like tubeless slims, hookless or small bead hook rims, so after mounting the beat is firmly in the correct position and the air pressure is set to the proper value. Please check if.

Reference article: For rider safety: Prevent tire outbursts

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