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While inheriting the lubrication performance of Gresage and muon, it has antifouling properties (oil scattering and dirt adhesion).
A low-viscosity type chain oil that we pursued.

"I'm worried about oil splashing and chain dirt, but I'm not satisfied with the lubrication performance of the dry type!"
If you have any questions, please try Reikish.

◆ Features

It has a quick-acting penetrating power and quickly penetrates into the details of the chain. An extremely thin extreme pressure type lubricating film is adsorbed on the metal surface.
Since it has a low viscosity, it can also be used as a lubricant for parts that do not want to get dirty or sticky, such as wires and transmissions.

Lakeish uses the same ingredients as Gresage, but is made for the purpose of preventing scattering.
Since it contains less oil than Gresage, it lubricates with the image of coating a dry chain or sprocket without wiping it off.
◆ Applications
It can be used for lubrication and protection of chains, bearings, sprockets, etc.
We support degreasing and cleaning of parts such as chains, bearings, and brake bludes, and various seal chains.

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