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It is an environmentally friendly high-grade grease that can be used even in harsh environments where it comes into contact with seawater.

[ Product Details ]

  1. Developed as a measure against salt damage, it can be used in harsh environments where it comes into contact with seawater.

  2. It has strong resistance not only to salt water but also to sweat and acid, and prevents bolts and nuts from sticking.

  3. It has excellent sealing properties and is ideal for assembling around the handlebars of bicycle head parts.

  4. It is also suitable for assembling bicycle parts used for triathlon roller stands that often come into contact with seawater.

  5. Long-term effects can be obtained by grease-up of tire bearings and wire reel winches of jet ski trailers.

  6. It has excellent heat resistance and load resistance, and can be used for all metal sliding parts.

  7. It does not emulsify due to its strong adhesion that does not run off in seawater or rainwater and its excellent sealing properties.

[ Use applications ]
Preventing bolts, nuts and bearings from sticking, assembling engine parts,
It can be used for all metal sliding parts such as gears, bearings, wires, dies, and industrial machines.

[ how to use ]
Apply an appropriate amount to the place of use.

[ Frequently Asked Questions]
Q: What concentration of seawater is effective?

A: You can use it without any problem if the salt concentration of seawater is 3.1% to 3.8%. In the test of spraying 5cc of 5% salt water every 12 hours, the result that rust did not occur for 30 days was obtained.
Since it is harder to emulsify than general grease, it is effective even after long-term use.

Q: To what temperature is it effective?

A: The drip point (dripping temperature) is 232 ° C.

Q: There is a similar product called Marine Lubricant. What is the difference?

A: Marine Lubricant is a silky oil.
Since salt-resistant grease is in the form of a paste, it has high adhesion to bearings and bolts, and has high sealing properties to prevent water and foreign matter from entering.

[Product Details]
Product name: Salt-resistant grease
Ingredients: Lubricating oil Base oil / grease
Contents: NET 100g

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