VELO ORANGE Grand Cru 130mm Touring Hub 11 Speed Compatible


color: Silver
size: 32H / 130mm
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VELO ORANGE is reconstructing classic parts that can be used for landers, touring bikes, and commuter bikes so that they can be used even in modern times. We make various original parts to convey that running fast is not the only way to enjoy a bicycle.

The Grand Cru Touring Hub is designed for all occasions such as touring, brevets and commuting. In addition, the freehub can be removed without tools, so the spokes on the drive side can be replaced smoothly.

It is a silver hub with a calm finish like VELO ORANGE, but it is an excellent one that is compatible with the current 11-speed road. How about those who are thinking about options other than Shimano?

Accessories: Quick release

width 130mm quick release specification
Spoke flange diameter
(Spoke flange diameter)
Left Center-to-Flange
(Dimension from the flange on the non-drive side to the center of the hub)

Right Center-to-Flange
(Dimension from the flange on the drive side to the center of the hub)
Number of holes 32H
weight 350g
Free body Compatible with Shimano 11s

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