VELO ORANGE Constructeur Rear Rack

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The constructor rear rack meets the minimum requirements for an elegant, compact and durable rear rack for everyday use that does not require a sturdy touring rack. A small pannier set for weekend excursions is also available. It also functions as a platform for large saddle bags, and you can try stacking top bags to put on the rack.

All Vero Orange racks are made of chrome-plated stainless steel tubing to prevent rusting. It can also be re-polished to shine in the mirror even after many years of use. Like other racks, there is a light mount on the side of the platform. The height from the bottom hole of the tongue to the bottom of the table is 36.5 cm (14.5 "), the length is 20.7 cm, the width is 10.2 cm, and the height of the tombstone (backstop) is 9.5 cm.

The rack can be installed in two ways. Use the screw holes on the back of the rack to connect directly to the rear fenders, or use struts (not available as standard or XL size) to attach to the seat stay bridge.

The rack platform is 10.5 cm x 26 cm. The distance between the platform crosspieces is 148 mm. From the center of the bottom hole, the height of the rack is about 36 cm.

The installation has four holes in the lower hanger and can be cut to fit most bikes with 700c, 650b, or 26 inch wheels.

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