URSUS Double Leg Kickstand Jumbo H Max


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The Ursus Jumbo is a double leg kickstand made of aluminum. By repeating various tests, this kickstand has succeeded in providing convenience, light weight and strength. Its patented movement allows for smooth and flexible movement, and the distance between the two legs when extended is as much as 40 cm.

The unique design of this kickstand was developed by the Ursus design team and holds international patents and "universal design patents". The strength of this kickstand can hold up to 80 kg of bicycle weight and is suitable for E-bikes (electric bikes), new delivery bikes, and bikes with child seats.

Suitable for all heavy duty bikes.

Jumbo comes in two lengths, 275mm and 300mm.

・ Heavy duty / cargo bike
・ Mamachari

• 40 cm wide with legs spread out
• 20 cm wide when folding legs
• Available in lengths X = 275 and X = 300
• Capacity load 80 kg
• Strong head material

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