TWOFISH 3 Bolt Quick Cage Adapter


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Does your bike have a boss hole for the bottle cage?
No problem.

There are no boss holes on the frame or fork, so there is a limit to the load capacity ... no more lamenting. Two Fish's idea product, the 3-volt cage adapter,With straps with hooks and loopsYou can add cages that can be attached to frames and forks and can be attached with 3 volts or 2 bottles.

A universal cage mount for attaching water bottles, etc. to places where there is no cage mount. A wide velcro tape with excellent fixing and holding power is combined with a rubber mount that has a unique shape that fits seatposts of different thicknesses and large diameter frames.

3-BOLT QUICK CAGE ADAPTER is a 3-volt model with higher fixing force and holding force. Since the fixed position of the cage can be selected, it is suitable for loading large-capacity bottles (2L PET bottles, etc.) and bulky luggage (tents, etc.).
By fixing in 3 places, it can handle heavy objects and can be strongly fixed to withstand the vibration of unpaved roads.



-Designed to hold cages for 3 bolts firmly
--Can be used for frames, forks, etc.
--Strong nylon construction with stainless steel inserts
-Can be firmly fixed with a strap with a hook and a loop



Compatible with 3-hole cages
Mountable pipe diameter: 25mm-50mm
Accessories: 2 velcros for fixing the adapter and 3 bolts for mounting the cage are included.

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