TRP Spyre Flat Mount Mechanical Brake


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Mechanical disc brake SPYRE released by TRP, which makes high-performance brakes among third parties. Speaking of TRP, you are familiar with mini V brakes such as CX9 and CX8.4.

SPYRE compatible with load levers. Among the mechanical discs, this model has opposed pistons, and the pistons on both sides move (the pistons only move on one side of the mechanical discs so far), causing the pads to wear evenly on the left and right, and the brake touch. Can be mentioned as a dramatic improvement. The finish is good, and it is recommended not only for Disc CX and Disc Road, but also for commuter bikes.


Weight: 154g
Color: Black
Piston: Opposed piston
Mount type: Flat mount
Corresponding lever: Short pull (corresponds to the load ratio lever)
Brake pad: Semi-metallic pad
Corresponding disc rotor diameter: 140mm / 160mm

* Rotor and mount adapter are sold separately.
* Since it is sold in units of one, please order two if you need it as a set before and after.

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