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A manufacturer that makes tools for traveling,
For them, travel is influenced by encounters with nature, people and culture. Any means, country, place, neighborhood walk or commute is a journey. You may have a new encounter just by changing the route you normally go to to the next one. In doing so, I focused on traveling in various forms, received much inspiration from the ancient Japanese travel culture and lifestyle, and valued Japan's unique manufacturing, and today's travel culture and manufacturing Inheriting the culture of
"I would like to explain the advantages and disadvantages of the product so that it can be used for a long time. I want everyone to feel the encounter that can be gained through going out."
With that in mind, the characteristic of them is that they have a long-standing face-to-face sale called peddling. When we receive an order, we carefully sew each one, select eco-friendly materials, and make it important not to waste any material.

The special bag "105 Circles" made by the circles of TORAYA EQUIPMENT has been completed. Based on the 105 SINGLE in their lineup, the bag is finished with functions that are great for bicycle riding.

The act of riding a bicycle is different from walking slowly and allows you to travel farther faster. Whether it's a small commute trip or a touring weekend, it has the side of a ride=travel. In order to enjoy it, as a companion for daily commuting, weekend wheeling touring and trail riding, and light hiking to travel, we want to play an active part as a partner who always wants to carry it. I had you shape it.

  1. Large front pocket for helmets and shoes
    A large front pocket separate from the main luggage compartment provides ample space for helmets and shoes. Useful for wheeled touring and Bike To Hike.

  2. Side pockets for bottles
    The side pocket that just fits a water bottle or PET bottle has a drawcord, so it can be adjusted according to the size of the contents.

  3. Detachable bottom tool pouch
    A tool pouch that is convenient for storing puncture repair kits and mobile tools is attached to the bottom of the bag. As it is removable, you can take it off and carry it on your back when you do not need it, and you can also use the tool pouch as a single unit.

  4. Mesh material on the back and shoulder 
    The sweat when carrying a bag is a natural enemy of cyclists. 105 Circles requested that all of the back and shoulder lining be made of mesh. Finished so that you can comfortably carry it even in summer.

  5. Durable material with PVC processing on the back
    Instead of the so-called ultra light, it is made of nylon material that is lightweight and has excellent durability and water repellency so that it is easy to use for daily commuting and traveling. The back surface is PVC-processed, and it is durable enough for cyclists.

SizeW25cm x H45cm x D13cm
Pouch sizeW26xm x H10cm
MaterialNylon (PVC processing on the back)

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