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TOAKSCalifornia garage maker. While providing high quality titanium cookers and cutlery, it is highly cost effective and is highly favored by backpackers and climbers around the world who demand lightness.

Titanium is expensive, but it is light, strong, and does not rust.It does not have a unique odor like aluminum, and unlike stainless steel, the metal does not melt out, so it is safe for the body.

Light Titanium 650ml Pot I think that meals such as alpha rice will feel great for one person, but it will be a size that can accommodate various meals when you want to increase the variation of meals in a long-term process. For example, it is easy to use when boiling ramen or cooking vegetables and meat.

In addition, since it is possible to boil water for two people of alpha rice, it also leads to weight reduction when used by two people.

Lightweight but sturdy Light Titanium 650ml Pot 。It is an item that plays an active part in various outdoor scenes.


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