SWIFT INDUSTRIES Zeitgeist Pack (Ecopak)

colour: Coyote

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USA is a bag brand based in Seattle, Washington SWIFT INDUSTRIES.. The bag, spun from 2008 by Martina and Jason, who are fascinated by camping touring, is not limited to functionality, but is meticulous in detail considering the user and a color that flutters at the moment of seeing. The ring is also a feature.

ZEITGEIST is a saddle bag that is a modern update of the classic British style touring bag with the latest materials.

The simple shape of the purse-shaped bag with flaps allows you to pack camping goods and other items you need for everyday riding.Since X-PAC fabric is used as the material, it is also highly waterproof.

It can be easily attached by simply attaching the included VOILE strap to the loop of the leather saddle.

If you use your own shoulder strap, you can also use it as a shoulder strap.
If you put heavy luggage or if you are concerned about interference with your legs or tires Carradice bag supporterIt is recommended to use together.

From the 2022 model, the material has been completely transferred from X-PAC to Ecopak. 

Ecopak is functionally equivalent to X-PAC, but 100%Manufactured in consideration of the environment, such as using recycled polyester and adopting a PFC (fluorine compound) -free water-repellent coating.



Material: Ecopak
Size: 32 cm wide x 19 cm long x 18 cm deep

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