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The United States is a bag brand based in Seattle, Washington SWIFT INDUSTRIES.. The bag, which has been spun from 2008 by Martina and Jason, who are fascinated by camping touring, is not limited to functionality, but has a meticulous attention to detail and a color that flutters at the moment you see it. The ring is also a feature.

SIDE KICK POUCHIsThere are two models, one is made of X-PAC nylon, which is lightweight and flexible, and has high durability and waterproofness, and the other is made of Cordura nylon, which has a rich texture and excellent durability.

It is a convenient pouch that can be attached to any place you like, such as a handle or basket, with a round tubular classical shape.It's a good size and perfect for putting portable tools and keys. Of course you can also use it as a coogee.It is a product that can be used habitually from everyday use to touring.


Material: X-Pac Navy, Dark Green, Coyote, Black / X-PAC Nylon
  : Old Navy / Cordura Nylon
Size: 13 cm long x 10 cm wide

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