SURLY Ultra New Disc Fixed Rear Hub


SIZE: 32H / 135mm
COLOR: Black
¥10,890 ¥12,100

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The original hub (New Hub) released by the metamorphosis bicycle rider group SURLY / Surly for a long time has been renewed from nut or QR specifications to bolt-on specifications while keeping the hub shell. Its name has also been reborn as Ultra New Hub.

The center axle is made of highly rigid chromoly, and the fixing bolts, bolt caps, and cone nuts are updated to rust-resistant stainless steel.

Among the many lineups, the one that only makes such a standard Surly is a truck hub with a disc brake pedestal that supports the 135mm end.
(Actually, I also make PAUL COMPONENT)
Even if you're not a truck crosser, many people have come to know the joy of running on rough roads in fixed gear.

Hub Spacing 135mm
Brake 6-bolt Disc Brake
Thread Fixed
Hole  32H
Axle Bolt On

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