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Have you ever stepped off the pedals because the rear wheel axle has slipped forward and the chain has lost tension?

The Surly crew has experienced it in all kinds of hubs and frames, but many BMX type chain tensioners are made in the correct answer, but they fit the drop end of the Surly frame without scraping. Is very small.

Therefore, we designed a tensioner that can firmly fix the rear wheel to the frame end of Surly and most other truck type ends, and this tag was born as a little Surly-like, which can also be used as a bottle opener for beer etc. It is a nut tensioner.

It is cast-molded from stainless steel for durability, the wing-shaped bolts can be adjusted without tools, and the two holes allow the wheel to be positioned in a wide range of front and back. It also comes with an aluminum adapter that can increase the axle diameter from 10mm to 6mm, and in addition to BMX type bolt-on axles, quick release type axles can also be used.

I really only need this tensioner on the drive side, so I sell it in units of one ... but if you absolutely need the other to balance, you can use a bottle opener on either side. Luck may also be on your side.

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