SURLY NEW Disc Trucker Kickstand Plate


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Minneapolis, home of the world's most ironic bicycle brand, Surly, is located in the northern part of the United States, bordering Canada, and is also known as "America's Refrigerator" because of the extreme cold temperatures in which it produces unique bikes.

The New Disc Trucker Kickstand Plate is a kickstand mounting plate optimized for the 2020 Disc Trucker chainstays. When mounting the center stand to the frame, the two plates sandwich the chainstay to protect the frame from scratches and increase mounting strength.

*Designed exclusively for NEW Disc Tracker (2020~). We are not responsible for any problems that may occur when using it on other frames.
When installed on LHT and Disc Tracker up to
2020, the kickstand plate will be 13mm closer to the seat tube side compared to the conventional kickstand plate.
Sold as a set (2 plates).

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