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Surly's Jethro Tule is a portable tool made from stainless steel and polished for luster. It has an offset box wrench on one side and a bottle opener on the other that makes it easier to open.

The double-sided 15mm box wrench fits most bolt-on hubs on the market and is also ideal for inwardly recessed items such as those found on Surly's 1x1 frame ends. Stop carrying the Vice-Grip, ergonomically fit in the palm of your hand with a small, light, smooth, spoon-like bent handle for accurate wheel replacement, and after a bike ride Choose the Jethro Tule, which is also useful when opening fizz cans.

The Jethro Tule is thick enough to work with, yet lightweight enough to be connected to a keychain and carried anywhere.


Size: 15mm

Color: Raw

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