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Developed by Pete Gagle, a leading single speed biker in the Midwestern United States, the 1x1 Singleator gives you a pure sense of what a mountain bike is without wasting money.

Especially when the bike is made of general aluminum or carbon, it is difficult to incorporate the track (regular claw) end, and it is rather expensive. By attaching this Singleator to the derailleur hanger, you can remove the extra chain slack that occurs when you make your road end bike single speed, and keep the tension easy, effective, easy to adjust.

The Singleator features triple-shielded springs, wide cog support, chain dislodgement and tooth skipping protection, perfect chain line adjustment, floating tension pulleys, and stainless steel pivot bushings. And the strength is increased by making improvements from the original model and making the main body cold forged.

The 11T pulley provides quiet and smooth chain carrying, and works with both 1/8 "(BMX) and 3/32" (gear bike) thick chains.

Be careful with similar products, Singleator is the original and better than any other product.



Material: Cold forged aluminum (6061-T6)
Compatibility: 1/8 "and 3/32" size chains

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