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Released by an American wheel maker purveyor to the world's top racers who devised a tubeless ready system that makes wheels tubeless by using sealant.Compatible with Stan ’s NOTUBE systemA sealant used for tires and wheels.

Compared to the Normal type, the Race type contains particles that are nearly twice as large as the conventional model.Air leaks can be minimized even for relatively large scratches that could not be prevented before.It was developed so that even if a flat tire occurs during the race, it can quickly close the hole and continue running.It is a special model for racing.


* When using, make sure that the lid of the container is securely closed, then turn the container upside down and shake the main body sufficiently.If the ingredients are not mixed well, the sealant effect may not be sufficient.


* For the race type, there is a high possibility that lumps will occur inside the valve and injection device, so inject directly into the tire.


--Normal 2oz (Approximately 60 ml / for approximately 1 general XC tire)
--Normal 16oz (473ml / about 8 tires with general XC tires)
--Normal 32oz (946ml / Approximately 16 tires for general XC tires)


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