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Chris King's bottom bracket boasts unrivaled rotational performance and durability, but maintenance is essential to maintain high performance over the long term. So far, we have received many questions about grease, such as "What kind of grease should I use for the Chris King bottom bracket?" And "Is there a special grease made by Chris King?" Therefore, as one answer this time, Simworks has prepared the same grease that is filled at the time of manufacture by Chris King so that general users and dealers can easily use it. !!

Features: Due to the heat resistance that is the feature of synthetic polyurea, which is the main component of grease, and the excellent corrosion resistance that shows rust prevention performance even in seawater environments, it exhibits excellent grease life and is suitable for bearings that are subject to high loads such as bottom brackets. The best grease.

Use: Lubrication of bearings and rotating parts
Ingredients: Synthetic polyurea grease
Internal capacity : 120g
Consistency: NLGI No.2
Drip point: 260°


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