SIMWORKS Little Nick CrMo Bar

COLOR: Dullbright
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How about Fat and Long and Smooth?

No matter where you hold it, where you cut it, or what kind of bike you attach it to.I entrusted such freedom (the original degree of freedom that a bicycle has) to the steering wheel.

The 15 ° vent fits comfortably in your hand and will turn your bike into a joy to ride.

Since it is a simple shape, there are many parts that are particular about it, so please attach it to your own bicycle and run it.

I'm sure you will feel it.



Material: CrMo Steel
Width: 700mm
Rise: 0mm
Sweep: 15deg.
Center diam .: 25.4mm
Bar diam .: 22.2mm

* Custom decal kit is included. Please arrange as you like

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