SIMWORKS Human Mushroom Patch


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"Sometimes you feel like you're an alien on your home planet, but you're not separate from nature; you're made of

Underneath this layer of technology, you're still an earthling! Sometimes I wonder if I'm an alien, even though I'm on Earth. But in reality, we realize that we are inseparable from nature and that we are created just like every other creature here on Mother Earth. We live in a technology-driven age, but we are still intimately connected to the earth."

Santa Rosa-based Nick Hayguac is one of SimWorks' trusted artists, a good friend of ours who loves bicycles, nature, and art. He has taken the mushroom world and put it on a bottle as an answer to the unprecedented mushroom craze that has suddenly hit SimWorks and turned it into a badge.

You can put it on your caps, bags, etc. as you like!

>>>>> Story of Human Mushroom Bottle <<<<<


Diameter: approx. 67mm
Made in U.S.A.

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