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From everyday use to light touring with a simple form and function.
Designed to get more cyclists to use the popular pot rack, this simple front rack features a 6-pack compact table that is the same size as the pot rack.

And since it comes with a 420mm ultra-long size connection rod and clamp to support any front fork, it can be used even when there is no end eyelet or eyelet. If you are lucky enough to have a mid-eyelet on the fork, cut off the rod itself when installing it to the proper size.

Also, if you are lucky enough to fit the frame size and the rear stay bridge has holes, you can install it as a rear support bag, but it will require some processing work.

It also has the best matching form for SimWorks' classic rear rack and on-the-road carrier.

After tying up the event box, let's hurry to that hill ♬



Material: Material: 9mm CrMo Steel Tube / Main Frame
Weight: ave.635g
Max Load: 5kg
Color: Color: Chrome Plated & Black
Accessories: Accessories: Connection Rod 420mm x 2
Connection Rod 350mm x 2
Clip Band 22mm x 2
* This product is designed as a front bag supporter, and its original use is an auxiliary rack that supports the lower part of the bag that is hung from the handle. When using it alone with luggage, please be careful about the load capacity.

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