SILCA Silca 741 Leather Washer



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Since 1917, all silica pumps have used vapor pressure formed leather cup washers to achieve high pressure. And since the 1960s, all silica leather washers have been made in the same leather factory in the fashion district of Milan, Italy, and for over 50 years the same supplier has been working on exotic handbags, Italian luxury car interiors, The washers are cut using the extra material left over from high fashion production. In 2008, the Pista and Super Pista pumps moved from a steel barrel with an inner diameter of 28 mm to an aluminum barrel with a diameter of 30 mm. 741 leather washersCompatible with all silica pumps with an inner diameter of 30 mm since 2008


FEATURE: Compatible with pista pumps and super pista pumps with a barrel inner diameter of 30 mm (since 2008)
Made of top quality full grain leather
Manually produced on the same machine since 1960
Changed the thickness to 2.25 to 2.50 mm leather to improve durability
Made in Italy

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