SELLA ITALIA Milano Flite Bullitt


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Boasting a history of over 100 years for the first time in saddle manufacturing SelleItalia.. Among them, the line produced in Italy Also, the products of the reproduction series looking back on the time of establishmentSell “a” Italia It is said.

It is a brand that can be said to be a major figure in the saddle world, which has rewritten the history of saddles with innovative ideas.

GEL saddles, saddles with a hole in the center, carbon saddles, etc., which are now commonplace, were all released by Selle Italia for the first time in the world.
Based on its long history and experience, new products are still being created today.

The MILANO series is a remake of the timeless masterpieces FLITE and TURBO with the concept of collaboration with different cultures such as motorcycles.

● Material: Leather

Rail: Titanium

● Color: Brown

● Size:146 x 280 mm

● Weight:230 g

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